Cashback Policy

Thank you so much for shopping with us!

We pay all the cashback that you are entitled to right away, but once in awhile we can encounter problems. This happens when a store doesn't notify us of your purchase, and that can happen for a number of reasons. Let's go through some quick steps to make sure this doesn't happen!

  1. Check the terms and conditions for the offer - sometimes there are exclusions to certain products and this varies by retailer, so review the full terms and conditions before you shop.
  2. Ensure any ad-blocking software is turned off before you shop.
  3. Note that it can take up to 48 hours for a store to notify us before we credit your team (grocery purchases are notified once your order is delivered, hotels and travel are only credited upon completion of your trip).
  4. Finally, some stores cannot confirm your purchase until the return period of thirty days has passed, please check full terms and conditions for details.

If you still haven't received cashback from a purchase after the allotted time, please forward your email receipt to our customer success team at [email protected] along with the name of your team and we'll look into it for you right away!

Remember - we're in this together, if you don't earn cashback for your purchase we don't get paid either!