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How To Run A Baking Contest Fundraiser

Nov 13 2017

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A baking contest is a really fun fundraiser to run with your community, team, or school. You can run your fundraiser in a number of ways. You can host a bake sale that is also a contest, where supporters can purchase an assortment of cookies and vote for their favourite, and the winner receives a prize. This is the easiest way to run your fundraising event, because participants bake their items at home and bring them in after. Another way to run your fundraiser, is to charge an entry fee for each team that participates, and host a live baking contest, and have judges vote on the best baked good. Both of these are great options, but they’re not the most fun way to run your baking contest fundraiser. 


The best way to run your baking contest fundraiser:

Have your participants pay an entry fee or meet a fundraising minimum in order to participate in the contest. Set up tables and have your team wear shirts of the same colour to enhance your fundraising competition. When you set up all the ingredients for your fundraising event, put everything that your teams will need into no-name bottles and containers, and don’t give participants a recipe. Competitors in your fundraising event must create a cake or cookies without instructions, and without being aware of exactly what’s what. This kind of fundraising event is fun for the whole family, and you never know who is going to win, because everything turns out vastly differently. 


How you can raise extra money for your fundraiser:

Invite supporters to watch your baking contest fundraiser, and once a winner has been chosen, enlist volunteers to make the winning recipe and host a bake sale. Proceeds from ticket sales for your baking contest fundraiser, along with the proceeds from the items sold, will help your team, cause, or school  raise extra cash. 


Bonus cash back:

If you purchase items for your fundraising campaign through a FlipGive fundraiser, you could earn up to 25% cash back on items for your fundraiser. 


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