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How To Run A Gift-O-Gram Fundraiser

Nov 02 2017

FlipGive is a free team funding app that makes raising money a breeze. Teams earn cash back for buying the things they already need. Get paid whenever you shop, dine out, book hotels or activities.

A gift-o-gram fundraiser is the perfect fundraiser to host over the holiday season. This kind of fundraiser is often hugely successful for schools, because you can have the gift-o-grams delivered, and your fundraiser puts everyone in the holiday spirit! There are a few ways to run this kind of fundraising campaign, and there are a few logistics you should know before starting your gift-o-gram fundraiser. 


What should be in your gift-o-gram

Have a selection of items that your supporters can choose from in order to participate in your fundraiser. These items can be Christmas themed candy or chocolate, toys, or gift cards. Have cards and writing utensils available so that your supporters can address their gift-o-grams. A gift-o-gram fundraiser is a great event to host during the holiday season, but it could really work during any time of year. If your fundraising event is not during the holiday season, have items themed for whatever season you're in. For example, a gift-o-gram fundraiser that runs through Valentine's Day or during easter should have gifts that fit in with that theme. 

Delivery for your fundraiser

If you plan on doing a gift-o-gram fundraiser as a school event, make sure that you organize your gift-o-grams for delivery by class, so that your volunteers can easily deliver them. If you are planning on handing them out at a sporting or community event, organizer your items by name, so that you can easily distribute to recipients of your gift-o-grams. 


Bonus cash back for your fundraiser

By purchasing the items you need for your fundraising campaign through a FlipGive campaign page, your team could earn up to 25% cash back for your fundraising campaign. Great options for items that get you cash back are chocolates or candies from brands like Walmart or Amazon.ca. 


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